Poetic Justice (1993)

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is anybody out there who still cares about this blog



If you are black and complaining about how “white privilege” is the reason for all your problems and why a majority of people in prisons are black - you need to seriously open your eyes. They’re not in prison because they’re black, they’re in prison because they broke the law(s) Get over yourself already and admit that something needs to be done amongst the black community . YOU are the ones who need to change, not us.






Anonymous said: Did you see Demi last night at the vma's?!! She was so hot! Just imagine Harry's face if he has went up last night <3 ugh I need more hemi in my life lol

yes hemi is losing it

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Anonymous said: Gosh why couldn't harry be at the vma's last night like he would have seen his future wife glowing with sexyness lol

right when demi was looking decent

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dark horse over partition?



making fun of other people’s appearance is so weak and it is never funny please behave

"Harold Styles, take me over, baby!" - niall

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